Sunday, May 4, 2008

It's been a while since we have posted anything.  Work and school have been taking it's toll! Carlos and I had the opportunity to see my very very dear friend, Jessica a few weeks ago when her and her daughter came to town.  I miss her so much, and just being able to see her when ever.  Carlos was so cute with her daughter.  Jess, her mom and I were all sitting in the kitchen after dinner talking when we realized Carlos had taken Alessandra for a walk around the property for about 45 minutes.  He has this thing for babies and I seem to get the itch when i see him with them.


Jason & Amy said...

get pregnant joree...just do it, everyone else is

Jess said...

you need to scratch that itch joree!! haha i miss you!! love you!

The Cutler Clan said...

he looks like a natural with that baby! Quit practicing & Get R Done!!
Love Ya!!
We had so much FUN at the concert!Haven't seen your mom in forever.. she looks GREAT!!

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